Meat Grinders – An Important Element Of Your Kitchen


If you run your restaurant or just love to cook and prepare your food, you should consider purchasing a quality meat grinder. With this incredibly useful piece of equipment, you will have full control over the ingredients, as well as some salts, fats, and other additives in your food. Not only that but you will also have a much easier time making savory appetizers, chunky sandwiches, homemade sausage, hearty soups, and so much more.

Whether you use it in your restaurant or home, a meat grinder such as the 1.5 HP LEM Big Bite will ensure three major things.

Enhanced safety

It will do so by eliminating any contaminants present in store-bought packages.

Enhanced flavor

With it, you will have full control over the fat content and the cuts. Grinding fresh meat is also much better, given how oxygen degrades flavor and nutrition.

Better texture

Fresh grinding will keep your meat loose and improve its moisture levels and texture.22jnbjkflj

Key parts

Whether you opt to buy an electric, attachment, or manual grinder type, you can be sure all of them will have the following parts:

The blade

The blade either comes with two or four cutting edges. It works alongside the plate, by rotating against it to do the cutting.

The plate

This part is also known as the disc. It features some holes through which the meat passes. Of course, if you want your meat to be more finely ground, look for the plates that have smaller holes. The majority of modern grinders have multiple plates so that you can choose the right one.

The screw

Its purpose is to push the meat from the feed chute to the blades.

The ring

This part keeps the plate and the blade in place while in use.

The tray

The main purpose of the tray is to hold the meat before it is sent down the feed chute.

Using the grinder

Meat temperature

For starters, know that the temperature of the meat you want to process needs to be just above the freezing temperature. The connective tissue and the fat in meat can be easily cut when almost frozen. However, as they warm up, they can become fairly resistant to cutting.

Plate and knife sharpness

Next up, make sure your plate set and blades are properly mated and sharpened. Poorly mated or dull plates and blades will make the grinding much more difficult and result in mushy meat.

Plate sets and knives

33njfjlfjljWhen the plates and knives are brand new, their cutting edges are in a perfectly flat plane and are perfectly sharp. Since the plate and the knife are used together, they will wear in a less-than-flat pattern. Of course, they can still work fairly effectively if you keep them together as a single set. However, if you attach a non-flat knife to a new, flat plate, there will be plenty of gaps between the edges of the plate’s holes and the knife’s cutting edges. Despite these edges being sharp, this mismatch will produce the same results dull and worn out edges would.

Therefore, make sure to use a separate knife for every single plate. Also, try to keep the plate and the blades together, to avoid any potential mismatches.

Before you buy the tankless water heater; be armed with this checklist


It is a very thoughtful decision that you have decided to buy a water heater for your toilet. This decision will go on record to save you much on your energy bills. It will also remarkably improve the efficiency of your toilet. Isn’t that what you would want for your home?

But it is not a matter of getting up and buying any heater; there is more to it than meets the eye. To get the decision right, here is the checklist for an easy decision:

Range of temperature

For many people, a warm shower should go as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit. There are those who do not need that high temperature. Therefore, it is important to have a look at the range of temperature the heater will support. You know how warm your water should thus make an informed decision.22lfkhkltjlkj

Energy efficiency rating

You already have enough of energy bills for your home. You no longer need something that will take it any higher. Scrutinize the energy efficiency of the heater you are about to buy. The rates are indicated on the box. The better rating you can get the better for your energy bills.

Electric vs. Gas

While some homes are connected to gas pipe supply, others are using electricity as their energy source. As you buy the heater for your toilet, you must bring this into consideration. There are those best suited for electricity while others will perform best with gas. Do not make a mistake of buying the option that does use the kind of power you have at home; the cost of installation will be higher, and that is the last thing you want.

Rate of flow per minute

This refers to the amount water that the heater can warm in one minute. The rate will be indicated on the box for you to see. On average, a good tankless water heater should warm at least 3 gallons in every minute. This is enough water for a shower or to washing dishes. You do not want cold water is running on the tap just because you chose a slow heating appliance.

General size

33kblkfkhjjYou will not have hot water stored anywhere hence the term “tankless.” So ensuring that you will have adequate water for your home is a key decision you will be making. Getting 55 gallons of water each day is enough for a family that will be using a lot of water during the day. You can take as many as three showers per day with your entire family. It will also be adequate for the rest of house chores. For anyone who uses less water, you will need a heater capacity less than 55 gallons.

As you shower, you deserve the efficiency and easiness that comes with a great water heater. The decision is now easy to make. Go out and buy the best appliance you deserve for your toilet and make it a worth experience every time it is show time, or you need heated water for dish washing.

The services of a locksmith

We all like to stay at our home because that’s the one place we feel relaxed and comfortable. But have you ever come home after a hard day at the office only to realize you have lost your keys? No one wants to spend a night on the porch or at a hotel. This is why having the number for a Locksmith Lynnwood will be a life saver. You can be safe on your couch watching your favorite show in a short while when you give them a call.

Who is a locksmith?

Locksmiths are people who specialize in any work related to locks and keys. hjkeHowever, in modern times, they even handle the installation of access controls systems and security cameras. They basically operate in the security industry, and that is why any professional locksmith must have the right permits and licenses to operate.

Situations where you would need one

If you have lost your keys or there is a problem with your lock, you have two choices, you can break into your own house or get a locksmith to pick the lock or replace it with a new one. Many locks will wear over time and will need to be replaced. If you have lost your car keys or locked them inside the car, you can also get a locksmith to open the car for you.

How to find a reliable locksmith

You can find a few locksmiths online by searching for one in your town or city. Once you have two or three. You should first check online if they are authorized to operate the business. Also, read some reviews about them and check with the better business bureau if there have been and complaints against them. Then next step is to learn if they offer a 24-hours service. Losing your keys or having a lock break can happen anytime and one must be able to rely on them.

Other services

aa11If you want more security, getting CCTV cameras installed in and around your home is one way of keeping your house safe. It is a perfect way to keep tabs even if you are not at home because modern units can be accessed remotely. If a burglar enters your residence, you can have everything on camera and the police can apprehend the thief swiftly.


Locksmiths are professionals, and you would need them even if you only want to duplicate a key. Have the number for a reliable company with you always, and your life can get easier in case you need them.

How to play chess and its benefits


Chess is a board game that many people both young and old play around the world. It is popular among those who wish to play something that stimulates the mind and is also enjoyable at the same time. If you like board games, you should consider taking up this game. Continue reading so that you will learn a little more about it.

About chess

This is a game that is a few hundred years old. In fact, it got its current looks and aa23moves in Spain during the 1500’s. It is played on a board which has black and white squares with eight rows horizontally and vertically. Each player starts off with sixteen game pieces which are either black or white. Here are the pieces and their powers.

The king

The king is the central piece on the board, and the goal is to capture your opponent’s one. It can be moved in any direction but only one square at a time. The only exception is during the castling move made with the rook.

The queen

This is the most powerful piece on the board, it too can move vertically, horizontally and diagonally but as many spaces at a time. You get one of these but it a pawn reaches the eighth row it can be promoted to a queen, which means you can have more than one.

The Bishop

You get two of them, and you can move them diagonally forward and backward as many squares as you wish.

The knight

Perhaps the unique piece on your board. You will have two of them, and it moves in an “L” shape both forward and backward.

The rook

You can move this piece horizontally and vertically as many places as you wish. It is also used during the castling move which can be useful to protect the king.

The pawn

aa24You will start with eight pawns. These are the soldiers in your army and the frontline. They can move one step at a time except they can be moved two steps on the first step. They can cut an opponent’s piece diagonally. As mentioned above, when it reaches the last row, you can change it to any piece including the queen.

The goal

The aim of this board game is to trap the king of your opponent by checkmating him. It is where the other person cannot make a move without being defeated. Chess is a fantastic game which will help you develop your mind, and you will also enjoy the strategy that you have to use when playing.

Tips To Hiring A Good Excavation Company

Are you planning to start a building project and are in the process of putting together the building team. It is important to know for a construction project to come up there are many players who come together to ensure the success project. Some of this players include architectures, building contractors and companies, landscapers, inspectors and the building crew. One contractor whose services are critical to the start of the project is an excavation contractor. Such an individual is responsible for ensuring the removal of the earth from the construction site for the project to begin. When you need help bulldozing your real estate investment? You call on them. To get quality work, it is important to hire a good excavation company. Below are tips on how to go about this.

Hiring A Good Excavation Company


A place to start is by talking to people who have undertaken a similar project like the one you are doing and asking for the recommendation of reliable excavation companies. This is a great way of finding a good excavation company for there has been some interaction of their work by a person one knows. Another way one can get information about a good excavation company is by talking to professionals in the building industry, people like your local building supplier, a real estate agent or a landscaper may have great referrals.


Checking on the certification of the company is important. A good excavation company will have their documentation in order. The companies crew will have the required qualification and training to handle the different equipment needed to do the work. The will have the required licenses and permits to operate and offer the service. They will also have their crew insured from any possible incidents that may happen as the job is being done. A company that has their certification in order is one that will give quality work and as a client one is assured that they have met all the requirements to handle the project.


In the construction industry experience of the company matters. With experience, their is the guarantee of delivery of quality work and knowledge of what to do. An experienced contractor will be able to handle any type of job and situation. Hiring an inexperienced contractor may result in some costly results.


mxsjkddkkldkdLooking at the reputation of the company is important. Are they considered to be reliable, in delivering on time, working as per the schedule and providing quality work?

Finally, inquire about the rates and terms of payment. A good excavation company will have rates that are reasonable and terms of payments that will be flexible.

What is the best treatment for dog flea

When you’ve got a dog, you undoubtedly understand that dogs will sometimes get fleas. This is just a fact and a thing that you will have to cope with for those who have a dog. If you find that your dog has fleas, you need to find the best flea treatment for dogs. Regrettably, your dog could have a great possibility of obtaining fleas at some point, specifically if you take your dog outside often. There is some great flea treatment out there, though, that you will be able to get and utilize.

Flea treatment in dogs

Finding best flea treatment

The easiest way to find flea treatment that will be safe and effective for your dog is tsadsadasdasdo look online. There are a whole lot of different options for dogs. One good thing about the web is that it allows you to discover natural flea treatment for dogs, and it’s also helpful as you can compare costs on different sites to obtain the best flea treatment for the lowest price.

To ensure that you are getting the best bargain, it’s a good thing to make certain that you look at some web sites. Typically, web sites that sell flea treatment may have special offers and discounts available to you, and that will undoubtedly be a good thing.

Reading product reviews

One good thing to do if you have found certain flea medications for your dog that you’re enthusiastic about is to see if you’re able to find any online reviews. Were other customers satisfied with that specific dog flea treatment? With treating their dog’s fleas, did they find it to be effective?

Did it enable thsadsadsadadem to avoid their dog from having other fleas? These are questions that you would like to be familiar with when you’re reading reviews. You may want to give a treatment a try and see if it’s an efficient flea treatment for your dog if you discover a natural flea treatment for dogs that includes a lot of reviews that are positive on the net.
There are many good things about treating your dog’s fleas, and for that reason, it’s a wise decision to locate efficient flea treatment . If you simply do some looking around, you will for sure discover the flea treatment that you’re seeking in no time since there are a multitude of locations on the internet that offer flea treatment that will certainly be efficient. Once you have applied the treatment, your dog will certainly be healthier and happier, and that is an undeniable fact.