Meat Grinders – An Important Element Of Your Kitchen


If you run your restaurant or just love to cook and prepare your food, you should consider purchasing a quality meat grinder. With this incredibly useful piece of equipment, you will have full control over the ingredients, as well as some salts, fats, and other additives in your food. Not only that but you will also have a much easier time making savory appetizers, chunky sandwiches, homemade sausage, hearty soups, and so much more.

Whether you use it in your restaurant or home, a meat grinder such as the 1.5 HP LEM Big Bite will ensure three major things.

Enhanced safety

It will do so by eliminating any contaminants present in store-bought packages.

Enhanced flavor

With it, you will have full control over the fat content and the cuts. Grinding fresh meat is also much better, given how oxygen degrades flavor and nutrition.

Better texture

Fresh grinding will keep your meat loose and improve its moisture levels and texture.22jnbjkflj

Key parts

Whether you opt to buy an electric, attachment, or manual grinder type, you can be sure all of them will have the following parts:

The blade

The blade either comes with two or four cutting edges. It works alongside the plate, by rotating against it to do the cutting.

The plate

This part is also known as the disc. It features some holes through which the meat passes. Of course, if you want your meat to be more finely ground, look for the plates that have smaller holes. The majority of modern grinders have multiple plates so that you can choose the right one.

The screw

Its purpose is to push the meat from the feed chute to the blades.

The ring

This part keeps the plate and the blade in place while in use.

The tray

The main purpose of the tray is to hold the meat before it is sent down the feed chute.

Using the grinder

Meat temperature

For starters, know that the temperature of the meat you want to process needs to be just above the freezing temperature. The connective tissue and the fat in meat can be easily cut when almost frozen. However, as they warm up, they can become fairly resistant to cutting.

Plate and knife sharpness

Next up, make sure your plate set and blades are properly mated and sharpened. Poorly mated or dull plates and blades will make the grinding much more difficult and result in mushy meat.

Plate sets and knives

33njfjlfjljWhen the plates and knives are brand new, their cutting edges are in a perfectly flat plane and are perfectly sharp. Since the plate and the knife are used together, they will wear in a less-than-flat pattern. Of course, they can still work fairly effectively if you keep them together as a single set. However, if you attach a non-flat knife to a new, flat plate, there will be plenty of gaps between the edges of the plate’s holes and the knife’s cutting edges. Despite these edges being sharp, this mismatch will produce the same results dull and worn out edges would.

Therefore, make sure to use a separate knife for every single plate. Also, try to keep the plate and the blades together, to avoid any potential mismatches.