Considerations When Choosing the Best Translation Service Provider

The language and translation industry has grown to become a multi-billion industry with its value standing over $30 billion. Currently, we have over 30,000 language service providers(LSPs) globally. These agencies differ greatly in the languages they specialize in, service quality, and expertise on various topics.

You can get overwhelmed by the numerous choice of the LSPs available and end up making the wrong choice when choosing a translation service provider. You need a translation agency that provides value for your money, like the translation agency of Ontario. Here you will get high-quality translations within a very short period.

Here are the some things you should consider when selecting the best translation service provider:

Is the translation service provider certified?

certifiedIn this world, when a specific industry appears to have great potential in terms of value, many businesses will sprout attempting to share this market. Very few of these businesses will have professionals qualified on the subject matter. This implies that there it is likely that many of the companies will not be reliable or provide poor service quality.

ISO certification is one of the ways in which this problem is dealt with. Translation service providers should be ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified. If the agency lacks this certification or accreditation from the Association of the Translation Companies, that is not the best agency.

Does the translation agency has an office in the intended market?

The translation service providers should have offices in every native region of the languages they specialize in. For instance, if it is German, they should have an office in Germany, and if it is Japanese, they must have an office in Japan. For a compromise, each of the project managers should be native speakers of their languages. This shows you that the agency is committed to their work, assuring you of getting quality translations.

Is the agency a translation specialist, or is it just a side job?

If you have some work that you need to be translated, to maintain the work’s quality, you need agencies that are experts in translations. Working with an agency that lists translations as one of their side services, the quality of your work might be compromised. Unless it is a one-time thing or an interpretation that is not very important, you need a translation specialist. An agency that lists translations as their main service guarantees you quality translations.

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