Hiking foods

A hike is a pleasurable activity for any outdoor enthusiast. However, it cannot be enjoyable with an empty stomach. Thus, this necessitates the need of planning for foods to carry when going for a hike. With this in mind, you can consider some of the no-cook foods highlighted at https://survivalenvy.com. Some of the essential characteristics of such foods include, nutritious, compact, and not easily spoilt. Listed below are some of the no-cook ideas to consider when planning for a hike.

No – cook meals to consider when going for a hike

A hearty breakfastAaSAdsCa

One of the key things to have in place if you wish to have a productive day is an excellent breakfast. The number one non-cook meals ideal for hiking meals is hearty granola. The latter is a cereal product. Along with a hearty granola have some nuts, seeds, dried fruits packed milk or soymilk and have them mixed. To top up the latter, you can have homemade pumpkins, a slice of bread spread with peanut. Finally, ensure you have a hot beverage such as apple cider coffee and sugar- free chocolate.

Filing lunch

Some of the foods recommended for a filling lunch include prepacked tuna or other fish varieties, ready to eat crackers and whole grains. Other food commodities you can consider are French bread, avocado, and low- fat cheese. With this in place, you can be sure of not only having a filling lunch but a healthy one.

A satisfying dinner

For a healthy and a satisfying dinner, opting for freeze-dried foods and prepacked ones is an excellent idea. Such foods are ideal because they do not require refrigeration or water. Some of the food commodities falling in this category include pastas, soups, and chicken. If you bring a cooler along with you, then ensure you have a variety of foods to increase your list of options for dinner.

Healthy snacks

wsSdzCdAt times, the interval between meal times may be too long. As such, you would need to have a snack to enjoy every moment of the hiking experience. However, when choosing snacks to carry it is vital to ensure you choose healthy ones. Some of the no-cook healthy meals to carry along with you include chocolate bars dried fruits, whole- grain crackers, kale chips, nuts, seeds among others.

With this ready to eat foods, you can be sure of keeping healthy and being comfortable all along your hiking experience.