Five Questions To Ask An Online Indian Visa Agency

A Visa is a permission granted to a traveler to enter a sovereign country for a particular purpose. Visas are the other major necessity of traveler tools beside passport. The most common visas are tourist visa, business, temporary residence or a school visa. For every traveler, there are distinct procedures and guideline for obtaining a visa. Visa application in India follows international guidelines.This article will look at some of the five questions to ask an online Indian visa agency

Common questions to ask an online Indian visa agency

What are the different kinds of visas available?

Indian VisaThere are different types of visas available, and it all depends on your purpose of travel. There is a slight variance in the application procedure for each visa. Some of these visas are below.

  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Emergency visa
  • Employment visa
  • Medical visa

What is a business visa?

A business visa is granted to a foreigner who wants to visit India to establish business ventures or to explore ways to set up an industrial venture. You can be granted a business visa if you pass the following conditions:

  • Have assured financial standing and expertise.
  • Do not intend to be involved in full-time employment
  • Business visa can be issued only maximum for two years.

Who is eligible for employment visa?

A work visa is available only to foreign nationals who come to India for execution of contracts or projects. You have to be prepared before you apply because your Indian client has to send a letter that recommends you as his employee. Employment visas can be issued for a maximum of one year.

MHA has to grant the first extension. State Government grants further extensions and the maximum period is five years from the date of issue. The employee must have a travel document, proof of employment or contract, and he has to submit documentary proof of professional expertise and education.

What are conditions for obtaining conference visas?

signing a documentConference visas can be granted for visiting India to attend seminars, conferences or workshops. A valid passport and re-entry permit are required, and also, the candidate cannot be considered as an undesirable person. For every visa, you must have financial standing that assures the Indian government that you can buy a return ticket and sufficient money to spend during your stay.

Which visa should a journalist or writer obtain?

If you are an editor, writer or a journalist, you have to apply for a Journalist visa. Additionally, you must submit an application letter from your employer as proof that you won’t visit India for tourism purposes but writing only.